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Belfast workshop - was it noisy or influential?


Belfast workshop - was it noisy or influential?


Last week a number of MEGA's customers and potential customers from all over Europe joined us at the spectacular 'Titanic Belfast' venue to discuss how to move EA departments from being noisy to influential within the business. 


From our work in the industry, we know that many EA programmes don't have the necessary influence in their organisations to drive change and add maximum value. EA can be seen as an intrusive cost centre that builds “architecture for the sake of architecture”, delivering nothing more than noise.


But there is a clear path that can be followed where the efforts of the EA team will deliver value back to the business.


IMG_0694.JPGDuring the workshop, we discussed where the delegates felt they currently are on the journey from being noisy to influential, and in doing so enjoyed some fun and productive conversation. For us, the stages can be broadly described as follows:





In the build-up to the event we asked you for your input as to what stage you feel your EA practice is currently at in preparation for a whiteboarding session. The results were as follows, with none of the respondents indicating that they feel they currently fit into the 'influential' stage. 




This suggests that as an EA community we can all do more to work together on a mutual interest of demonstrating the profession's broader value to our organisations.


You may also be interested to take a look at our 'noisy to influential' video below, or read the feedback from over 200 organisations we've surveyed so far globally. The presentation slides from the conference can also be downloaded from this link if you are interested to view them. 


Thank you to those that joined us at the event, and please contact us should you require any further information or a discussion on your requirements.





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