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3rd annual intelligent automation, Nordics 2019


3rd annual intelligent automation, Nordics 2019

Talent, red tape, risk, compliance, language and investment are all Nordic-specific challenges facing organisations aiming to deliver RPA and AI across their business transformation. If these challenges sound familiar to your business, or if you want to address them proactively before they become an issue, join MEGA's business partner Bizcon at the Intelligent Automation Nordics Summit on 18-20 March in Copenhagen.


Bizcon will also use the event to outline how MEGA's HOPEX platform enables them to create an overview of key clients' entire end-to-end business process, a) by scoping the existing business process;  b) identifying the main steps in the business process; c) identifying applications in the business process; d) identifying inputs and outputs in the business process; and e) creating a blueprint of the entire end-to-end business process.


Bizcon's workshop will take place at 3:30pm on 18th March with the following discussion items:


  • Business Process Discovery – scoping and process step identification, application identification, inputs, outputs and blueprint creation
  • Business Process Analysis – how to ensure a detailed data driven AS-IS business process and analyze the process to identify business process challenges and automation candidates
  • Business Process Redesign – why and how to go from AS-IS business process to the improved TO-BE business process to prevent automating an inefficient process and in order to select appropriate RPA candidates
  • RPA Implementation – design and document RPA specifications based on previous steps.
  • Business Process Monitoring – how to continually monitor, analyze and understand the process to ensure efficiency and enable continuous automation improvements

To set up a private meeting with Bizcon, please send me an email

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