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ITPM Excel Import Template


ITPM Excel Import Template

Speed up your IT Portfolio Management initiatives by bulk loading your existing excel data !


This add-on provides an ITPM Excel import template, which provides means to import

  • Metadata inventories : Org-Units, Business Processes, Business Capabilities, Business Lines, Sites
  • ITPM Core Data : Applications and Technologies, associated capabilities and characteristics (e.g. lifecycle dates) and links to other metadata inventories
  • Additional ITPM Data : e.g. Application Flows



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Latest release date:


Use for:

Production Platform

Lifecycle status: 

Maintenance fixes only

Platform compatibility:




MS Excel






HOPEX IT Portfolio Management


Latest release notes:


2020.4 Fix on the absolute identifier for the 'cloud computing' attribute for application sheet


2020.3 This new release contains some fixes and improvements on "Software Technology " Worksheet:
Addition of the new Life Cycle with new states :

  • Envisioning
  • Emerging
  • Confirmed
  • Obsolete


2020.2 This new release contains some fixes and improvements

  • Date formats aligned to YYYY/MM/DD
  • Addition of application attribute « Cloud Computing »
  • Cost lines :
    • State is now available as combo box ;
    • The 'standard formula' is now set by the macro at import


Installation procedure:


Product Owner: @OLeGuellec 

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