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Working multiple open diagrams via "tabs"

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Working multiple open diagrams via "tabs"


One of the biggest changes our users report in V5 is working with multiple diagrams/view via tabs.


In V5, there are no "HOPEX Tabs" in the main application window - from where you can see multiple diagrams in separate tabs.   Rather, it you need to open (pop-out) each diagram in new browser tab.


However, our users are finding this implementation challenging for several reasons:

  • Looking for diagrams in new browser tabs is challenging and not intuitive

  • The performance and behavior of diagrams is other tabs is degraded.  

    • The other tabs are slow to open in browser

    • Diagrams in tabs appear to "reset" their view - when I go back to that tab

    • Behavior of the tabs is unpredictable.

Has this been raised before for V5 and, if yes, is there any timeline to address?

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This is the new choosen behavior.


You can suggest idea, improvement on our channel