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Libraries structure

Super Contributor

Some of you may be familiar with the concepts of Repository/Libraries.


I understand that Libraries are used to classify/categorise architecture artifacts and other contents.




Has anyone considered a smart folder structure in these libraries? I mean by that a practical approach for storing all my models with the objective of being able to find them a few years from now…


For example, if I use a Business Are structure, the names or organisation may change, then some models maybe cross Business Are, etc…


Have you considered such a thing?


Kind regards

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When you create smart folders, in OSX for example,  you need to provide a "rule" for the smart folder.   Rules are typically based on metadata of the files.

For example,  


  • All files of type PDF created in 2018
  • All video files where location is Toronto, and length > 3 minutes

See OSX documentation here:


In HOPEX, I can image using "Queries" to create such "smart folders".    They're not folders as such - but query objects that can return a list of objects on demand.  In this way, they sort of serve similar function.    However, the user interface of using queries this way is clunky and not as nice as "Smart Folders"


I think it would be nice if HOPEX Favorites folders could be easily linked to user defined queries - so that they behave as "smart folders". 


Hope this perspective helps.