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Integrating HOPEX with Clarity, Rally, or Jira


Integrating HOPEX with Clarity, Rally, or Jira

Hello All,


My company is considering integrating HOPEX IT Portfolio Management and HOPEX Business Architecture & Strategic Planning.  We want one of these three sources to be the system of record (one way data movements) so that we can understand changes in capability delivery.  Does anyone have experience with any of these integrations.



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We are open to any idea aiming to improve the use of Hopex in agile context (or any context).

We are currently analyzing some use case scenarios but feel free to propose some ideas in the dedicated section of the community.


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@DonnaWur We are looking at JIRA and JIRA Align for similar purposes. 


There doesn't seem much on this topic anywhere in MEGA docs or blogs. 


What is clear is that HOPEX doesn't have any "delivery" concepts, such as 


  • Release
  • Theme
  • Epic
  • Story



And that is OK.  Its not really designed for that.  But, big enterprises are generally looking to "connect" the design with delivery.   Some guidance on how to do this is warranted, IMHO.


However, there are some Metaclasses which might serve this purpose.


For example,  HOPEX has a Requirement metaclass -which is fairly generic, supports nesting, and is available in most product modules.


Few other concepts that come to mind  are "Tactic" and "Strategy" in HOPEX. They both are methods of organizing requirements hierarchically.. Something like this:


  • Strategy
    • Tactic
      • Requirement
        • Sub-requirement


Finally, there are "Functionalities" or "functionality maps" in HOPEX - which probably also map well to features or "functions" which need to be delivered.  So, maybe they too can be leveraged.




Hello Donna,


It appears that there might be some information specific to JIRA on this thread, in one of the replies.


I hope that this helps.


Kind regards,