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How to get a list of Applications from a capability map breakdown report?

Honored Contributor

I have created a Functinoality map breakdown report.

I have mapped applications to the functionalities.

Now, I would like to get list of these applications in a list format to export to Excel.

How can I do this?  

The report doesn't have option to export to Excel.




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Honored Contributor

I now know how to do this with built-in APM queries.

High level steps to do this.

  1. Launch the Advanced Search utility from main menu
  2. Select the Application as the object
  3. From Registered searches, select the "Others" tab
  4. Filter by word capability to find the query called "APM - Get applications from Business Capability Map"


  5. Process the query and enter the name of the capability map.  FOr example,


    This will return all the applications mapped to capabilities in this capability map.