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How to delete all objects in tree structure?

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How to delete all objects in tree structure?


I am trying to figure out how to delete all business capabilities in a capability map - without having to delete each capability by hand manually.


For example

I want to delete the whole capability tree "ABY - TEST BCM" in picture below.


I obviously don't want to delete "applications" associated to these objects.  Just the 4 objects in the screenshot:


  • 1 Capability Map object
  • 3 Capability Objects




NOTE: Similar scenario arises in other capability models

  • Functionality Map
  • Technology Functionality Maps
  • Hardware Functionality

Probably other examples where this would be useful to do.

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Trusted Contributor

@DaveM Thanks for that.  I feel you're probably correct with the "query" path.

I'll discuss with team.  

Thanks again!

MEGA Partner

If you can write a Query that selects all the Composition objects and the associated Capabilities connected to the Capability map, you can then just "select all" from the results and delete them. You may have to use deeply in the query to traverse the whole map when there are multiple levels.

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Still trying to understand this better. Is there a way to do this in HOPEX? We're seeing this use case come up as we're adding more capability maps and/or functionality maps to HOPEx.

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I should add.


Currently, when you delete the parent object - the Capability Map - it just deletes that object and the associations to other objects.


The three Business Capability objects remain in the repository - and have to be deleted individually.