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Does HOPEX have a SWOT analysis report?

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Does HOPEX have a SWOT analysis report?


I am trying to find out if HOPEX supports creating a SWOT report, say for an "Enterprise" object?


I found this blog post talking about performing a swot analysis:


But, I am unable to find a way to do SWOT in HOPEX via out-of-box report or diagram.


In BPA product documentation (V5) I can see a sentence that refers to SWOT analysis:


But, I don't see actual way to create a SWOT report by reading rest of the BPA documentation.


Just trying to get clarity if HOPEX has a SWOT diagram type. 


It could be especially useful for an Enterprise object

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In the old Strategy solution, that is now replaced by IT Business Management there was a SWOT analysis. I might still be there, but you will also need the necessary metaclasses. And they might not be visible in your installation.