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Customer Journey Assessment HOPEX V4 CP02

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Customer Journey Assessment HOPEX V4 CP02

Maybe I'm missing something or this is is not working as expected.

I'm trying to run an assessment on a customer journey, but the evaluation starts this message is shown: There is no visible page or question in the survey.


The questions are there, but seems like not loaded in the assessment.


Anybody else who has experienced this?

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We manage to solve it. Re-importing the file once more after updating to a new CP and before starting using Channels in a Customer Journey resolve this unexpected behavior.

@OLeGuellec the issue with Assessment and Channels for Customer Journey has emerged again, also when using the mgl file you provided. It came again after updating to C03 and is still present after updating to the latest CP04 + HF03. Do you have a fix for this as well?



No, it is not yet possible to build questionnaires using the new questionnaire builder from the Customer Journey channel UI, nor to use a predefined questionnaire template from this UI either, this is an improvement point in the BPA backlog (yet to be planned for a future release)

I have a follow up question. Is it possible to convert the questionnaire used for channels into the format used in V4? Question Group --> Questionnaire Template. I tired the he conversion utility but with no luck.

Thanks Olivier. The assessment is working when using the Channels provided in the sample file.


Hi Lars


Please find attached the sample delivered as part of the e-learning training, updated in latest format (it changed in V4)



- the steps needs to be assigned to the relevant channel so that questions are displayed

- the colors are not yet taken into account, this will be released in a future version


You should get something like this :