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Can two instances share the same Public URL in V5

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We have QA, EDU, POC instances in V4 Hopex environment, we are able to login to all the three using the same URL in V4, there is a dropdown in environment to pick an environment in the login page.  

Does it work the same in V5, can I give same public URL when creating new instances in Hopex v5?

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I deleted the instance and re-created it, now 5000 port is working as before.  I

You should look at the logs there is probably some error in it.

There could be a few possibilities:

1. I will restart the Windows server but you already have done that

2. The port on which this instance is running, that port is either blocked or something else is running on that port

3. Try to access the console page directly: example: https://hopex/console/

4. Did you also remove the Server Farms and URL Rewrite rules from IIS after deleting the other two instances?

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ok, I will try this.  First I created a QA instance, upgraded environment, everything worked. Graphql api, ide, portal, hopex login.  Then I created two additional instances using the QA Instance Manager (Dashboard), EDU and POC, I mistakenly created three with the same public URL on different ports.  now the QA URL also does not work.  - This site looks blurred (attached screenshot). I am able to login with thick client to QA and administration.exe also works.  I deleted EDU and POC instances, restarted servers but blurry screen on QA is still continues.  What can be done to bring QA back to working state?



In V5 each instance must have a unique URL.

In your case you must have a URL for each QA, EDU and POC. Something like that : 

Please read the documentation that explains how to manage the situation