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**** DRAFT ***** HOPEX Products - Removed & Deprecated features **** DRAFT *****

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Our objective is to provide our customers with the highest value on the long term. We are aiming for the right balance between modernizing our platform; bringing functional improvements and keeping it as stable and simple as possible.

We regularly introduce changes into the platform, and we are committed to make it as transparent as possible for customers and to develop automated transformation whenever  possible to minimize impacts.


This article is provided to help managing changes with minimum impacts however, according to usage, configurations, and customizations made to HOPEX deployments; impacts of removed and deprecated features may still vary widely from one deployment to another.


This article covers changes in status of commercial products and key features; minor changes are not listed and detailed unless they have a significant impact.


This article can be updated by MEGA without any notice. 

The online version is the only valid version at the time of reading.


We thank you for your trust and support.


Live Products


****************   THIS DOCUMENT IS IN DRAFT MODE ***************


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We use 4 statuses to qualify products and key features:


  • Live product / feature is on the commercial list, fully maintained and evolving.


  • Deprecated product / feature is no longer receiving functional improvements and will be removed at some point. However, the product / feature however is still under corrective maintenance. In some cases, deprecated products can see some of their capabilities repackaged into other products.
    Customers should leverage the deprecation period to align usage, customizations and developments to the new standard.


  • Repackaged product / feature is replaced by an equivalent or by a combination of features from one or several products. Repackaging often includes redesigning the feature, and therefore may look or behave differently.
    To know more about applicable commercial conditions if any, please contact your sales representative.
  • Removed product / feature is effectively removed from the software and no longer available in the standard offering.


In complement, please see the Support Policy for the details of supported versions.


Table of content


Live Products


Product Product code Comment
HOPEX Business Process Analysis BPA  
HOPEX Customer Journey HCJ BPA Option
HOPEX for SAP Sol Manager 7.2 SM72 BPA Option
HOPEX Risk Mapper ERML BPA Option
HOPEX IT Architecture ARC  
HOPEX IT Architecture V2 HITA  
HOPEX IT Business Management BASP Includes ITPM
HOPEX IT Portfolio Management ITPM  
HOPEX Cast Highlight CAST ITPM Option
HOPEX Information Architecture INFA  
HOPEX ArchiMate HAM  
HOPEX NATO Architecture Framework (NAF) NAF  
HOPEX Department of Defense Architecture  Framework (DoDAF 2) HDOD2  
HOPEX Data Privacy GDPR  
HOPEX Internal Audit MIAW  
HOPEX Integrated Risk Management IRM  
HOPEX Loss Data Collection LDC  
HOPEX Power Studio MTS2  
HOPEX Power Supervisor SUP  
HOPEX Reporting Datamart HDT  
HOPEX Main User LAN  
HOPEX Contributor CBTR  
MERGE of IRM?    
logical & Physical?    


Deprecated products to be removed in the future


****************   THIS DOCUMENT IS IN DRAFT MODE ***************


********************* NOT TO USE - NOT TO SHARE ******************


HOPEX Application Design - Product Code ADES to be Deprecated in 2021
to be Removed from v6.0


Application Design is core to MEGA’s offering. We are modernizing our application design capability to provide enhanced support of systemic approach, agile design, and cloud architectures design. HOPEX Application Design is made of 3 components

  1. The application design core model: replaced by a systemic model included in IT Architecture V2.
  2. HOPEX Service Design code SDE: repackaged into IT Architecture V2 since V3.0
  3. HOPEX UML code UML: repackaged into IT Architecture V2 since V3.0

Therefore, the obsolete part of HOPEX Application Design product (streamed out from IT Service Design and UML) is deprecated to the profit of IT Architecture V2.



HOPEX Business Architecture - Product Code HBAS  Deprecated - Repackaged into BASP v4.0
to be Removed from v5.0


Business Architecture (BA) capabilities are simplified and moved into IT Business Management (ITBM). Therefore, HOPEX Business Architecture status is set to Deprecated starting from HOPEX V4.0 and will be removed from HOPEX V5.0 onwards.

Concepts from Former BA are kept and reused in ITBM, only links are modified for a simpler and clearer usage. It is therefore recommended not to open or manipulate concepts and links using the former BA model.

>>> Link to ITBM Business Architecture model for details



HOPEX IT Strategy - Product Code HITS  Deprecated - Repackaged into BASP v4.0 
to be Removed from V5.0


HOPEX IT Strategy capabilities are simplified and moved into IT Business Management (ITBM). HOPEX IT Strategy is set to Deprecated starting from HOPEX V4.0 and will be removed from V5.0 onwards.


>>> Link to ITBM Business Architecture model for details



HOPEX Regulatory Compliance - Product Code MOM Deprecated - Repackaged into IRM v4.0
Removed from V6.0


As part of a global revamp of compliance management the regulatory compliance meta-model is replaced in IRM by a new model to support compliance framework and content such as UCF  (Universal Compliance Framework). The former model is therefore deprecated and will be removed.


Impact and transition ?




HOPEX TOGAF - Product Code TOG Deprecated in v3.0
Removed from V6.0


TOGAF © remains fully supported by HOPEX. HOPEX TOGAF was originally designed as a pure implementation of TOGAF ©. Unfortunately, because of intrinsic limitations to the framework itself, it did not meet pragmatic customers’ needs. We decided to leverage the completeness of the HOPEX EA Suite to both support TOGAF © and to fill in the gaps that were not addressed by TOGAF ©. The HOPEX EA Suite is now certified TOGAF © and there is no longer a need for this dedicated product which will be removed from HOPEX V6 onwards.


P.s. status of the work for helping people to know what bit and pieces to use in which ADM phase?



HOPEX CMDB Alignment - Product Code CMDB Deprecated - Repackaged into APIs in v3.0
Removed from v5.0


HOPEX CMDB Alignment aimed at feeding configuration items (CI)s from a CMDB (which?) to HOPEX. This component was technically obsolete??. In order to provide a wider more opened approach we decided to leverage our new REST & GraphQL APIs to provide a wider and more scalable integration capability.

We provide a ready-to-use connector between HOPEX ITPM and ServiceNow available on the HOPEX Store on the MEGA Community. Other connectors can of course be created by the customer using APIs.




Deprecated technical modules to be removed in the future


Web Front End Control - Product Code ANW Deprecated - Repackaged
Removed from V6.0


Web Front End Control is a technical capability to connect to the repository with HTML 5.0 Compliant browsers. It has been refactored into the platform and does not require a license anymore.



Read Only Mode - Product Code ROM Deprecated - Repackaged
Removed from V6.0



Read Only Mode provides a mechanism to access the repository content in read only mode.

And ???  

Impacts on customers?


****************   THIS DOCUMENT IS IN DRAFT MODE ***************


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Deprecated products already removed


HOPEX Service Design - Product Code SDE Deprecated - Repackaged into HITA v2r1
Removed from v3.0


SDE supporting a service-oriented approach to the design of IT components has been repackaged into IT Architecture V2. There is no need for a dedicated module for this activity anymore.



HOPEX UML - Product Code UML

Deprecated - Repackaged  into HITA v2r1

Removed from v3.0


The support of UML has been added to IT Architecture V2 (see HOPEX Application Design). It is also available as part of HOPEX NAF and HOPEX DoDAF. HOPEX UML standalone product is therefore no longer needed.




Deprecated technical modules already removed


HOPEX Explorer - Product Code HEXP Deprecated - Repackaged
Removed from V4.0


HOPEW Explorer is a dedicated web client for navigating through the repository in read only mode. This product is replaced by the viewer and contributor profiles. It is deprecated since HOPEX V2R1 and will be removed in V4.



HOPEX Oracle Storage - Product Code RSQ  Deprecated
Removed from V3.0



****************   THIS DOCUMENT IS IN DRAFT MODE ***************


********************* NOT TO USE - NOT TO SHARE ******************





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