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[Challenge] How do you mitigate the risk of a zombie bite?


[Challenge] How do you mitigate the risk of a zombie bite?

Mitigate a zombie bite.png


Zombies, zombies, and more zombies. The world is rife with zombies. Everywhere you go, you cannot escape from zombies. 

Now, imagine it is a Halloween night, and there is a risk of a zombie attack in your town. You need to devise a strategy to mitigate the risk of getting bitten by a zombie. Comment below with your top priorities to save yourself from this zombie apocalypse.

For example:

  1. Store canned food
  2. Always keep your family and group together
  3. Etc.

Join our zombie’s apocalypse Halloween contest and write your comment in section below about your survival strategy. The comment that receives the most likes will win a $100 Amazon gift card! Show us your planning skills and Happy Halloween!


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4 Replies

We all have our own risk appetite, so unlike Michele I would definitely not exploit this risk but rather mitigate it!


To do so, I will be performing a Bow Tie analysis. This consists in listing Factors leading to risk, and Consequences of the risk. Then, for each Factor and Consequence, mitigating controls will be identified. These controls can be Preventive, Detective or Corrective.

Here is the result of my analysis:



Hopefully my town has provided us with Integrated Risk Management software and I can raise Zombie risk awareness thanks to data visualizations with HOPEX V4!





Happy Halloween & Stay Safe!

Nice!  I especially love your 3D graph!!!


My son has a detailed plan that includes occupying one of the major hardware stores so that we have access to all the tools and / weapons that we might need. 

Hardware store have seeds and soil so that you could plant a garden and grown your own vegetables once store produce is no longer available. 

It also involves gathering family from the various cities they live in now to a defendable position. 


Great challenge indeed!
I'd personally do the following:

  1. First thing first, we have to understand if a zombie bite could affect our strategic objective. If nothing important is at stake, no need to worry, right?!
  2. Personally my objective for Halloween would be something along the lines of "Getting the best candies in town, eat them all and have the greatest night ever!" Possibly avoiding a sugar overdose 🙂
  3. Now that we have identified what's at stake, let's better understand how the zombie bite could negatively affect it!
  4. Well that is easy (is it??)!  Nobody likes a zombie bite, especially before getting the Halloween party started. Let's do everything we can to avoid this risk!
  5. I've come up with three possible strategies, let's see which one looks best: 
    • Get some candies to throw out at zombies as they approach
      • Risk reduction: Very Low -> Zombies don't like candies!! 😅
      • Residual risk: High 
      • Probably not that good as a strategy...
    • Find a zombie costume and pretend you have been already bitten so they won't bother you
      • Risk reduction: Low -> Zombies are likely to smell human flesh 😥
      • Residual risk: Medium/High
      • Almost there!!
    • Partner with my neighbors and every zombie who is unhappy about life and build security mechanism like those Will Smith put in place in the movie "I am the Legend"😎
      • Risk reduction: High
      • Residual risk: Low/Medium  
      • YES!!!!

But wait!! What if we let a zombie bite us and we become the scariest zombie ever?? We would win over all other Halloween costumes!

Wait a minute! Probably getting a bite from a zombie is not that bad at all! I should find one right away!! 😁


Crazy what you end up discovering when doing true risk management!!


Happy Halloween to everybody!