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Your experience with Hopex V2R1


Your experience with Hopex V2R1

Are you using the new version of Hopex - V2R1?
So please, shere your experiences and comments with us on Mega Community.

We are excited to  hear you about it!

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Mega Hopex V2R1 has fancy features but we can't draw application environment diagram in new version. ITA product is mostly application system focused and almost all the structure changed.  


Thank you

You're right ITA is System and Service focused, but I assure that you can still draw Application Environment Diagram!


As the structure has changed, you need to go to (as an IT Architecture Manager) : Application Architecture > Functional Architecture > Application Environment.


Here you can create a new Application Environment and a new Application Environment Diagram.


In this diagram, you can add the described Application, the components of the Environment itself (called "Partner") like Application Systems, Applications, Micro-Services, IT Services, Org-Units, Position Types ... and all the Interactions (with its Exchange Contract) between the described Application and the Partner Objects.

MEGA Partner

We are beginning to roll out the V2R1 U3 Cp2 ro customers at the moment, and so far we have had some minor issues, but the performance and the new solutions ITA etc. looks very good. Especially ITA isa makeover long overdue.