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Merge two Repositories


Merge two Repositories

We have the intention to merge two repositories.

How is this done best? Especially if some objects should be excluded from the merge.

In the SUP guide is a hint, that a logical backup could be used for this task. Are there any other possibilities? Compare and Align seems not to work as this function obviously replaces and not merges.

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MEGA Partner

It depends. If the two repositories are in the same environment, you can also use the compare and align function to move data from one repository to the next.

If there is no overlap in data, then a logical backup, where only the data from one repository is imported into the other would also work.

Thanks for the reply. 

Yes, the two repositories are in the same environment. I tried to do it with compare and align but couldn't find appropriate settings. The result I got was always a replace. (I compared the whole repositories.) Objects and associations not available in the source where removed in the target. We really want transfer most objects from source to target. There are only a few objects of one or two classes that shall not be transferred.