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Manage multiple strategies in HOPEX


Manage multiple strategies in HOPEX

Hi all, 

I am looking for some suggestions or link to video on how to Guide for the below work.

Basically, my organisation has identified 30 major topics to transform the organisation over number of years. I was able to look at this high level information on each topic and break them down into Objectives, Goals, Tactics, Strategy. I have treated each major topics as a Strategy in HOPEX.   However, this approach when it came to Transformation Stage  is very clunky.   I have listed the picture of the HOPEX meta-model in the below file that shows all the HOPEX Objects and attributes that I am thinking of capturing and analysing to provide insights to Executives. 


Could someone help me to understand how they handle multiple strategies in HOPEX or 

propose a better way of handling multiple Business transformation topics. 


Many thanks in advance. 


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