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Libraries best pratices

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Libraries best pratices

Hello people, 

In your opinion, what are the best practices in the use of libraries? by architecture team, by type of assets, by company, by area or department, what is the best criterion? In what way are you using it?

Thank you!

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Hi, what I have seen at several customers is that there is not that one approach. "Libraries" is a quite flexible concept to put together things which belong to the same context, which can change of course, and then you re-group. I would not recommend to use it for asset types (like applications, processes), because for that you have already folders. Company / department -> yes, maybe. You could put together all processes, applications etc which belong to that company. Some companies do it that way. Others use it for programs, for as-is / to-be (especially if that requires extensive modeling work for process, application, capabilities etc). Thinking a little more about, we'll surely find more good use-cases for libraries, but I guess that gives you already some direction...