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Hopex IT Architecture usage and best practices

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Hopex IT Architecture usage and best practices


We've just started using Hopex IT Architecture and ITPM in our company and I have some questions regarding the best practices.

- What are the steps to start and properly use IT Architecture ?  entreprise/library creation ? top-down or bottom-up approache for architecture design ? 

- Our company has an excel file containing all the applications and flows between them used, I'm still struggling to import all these info to the tool, but the first main need is to be able to have a clear view of all the flows between applications in order analyse application migration impacts. 

- What is the best way to compare architectures using the tool ? or compare different migration scenarios ? 

Thanks in advance for your help.



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MEGA Partner

Re: Hopex IT Architecture usage and best practices

It is bit of big question you are asking, and the answer would be "It depends". With ITPM you have the ability to create the Applications and create the interfaces between the applications (Sending and receiving messages) without doing architecture modeling as you would with IT Architecture. When you have created the application inventory with messages, you could try and use the Environment reports on the application to see depencies.

If you identify Applications that you need to study in more detail, you can then use IT Architecture to model those applications.