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Experience with Repository Snapshots/Diagram State Comparison

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Experience with Repository Snapshots/Diagram State Comparison

Hello community,


has anyone successfully implemented repository snapshots; if so would you have any recommendations/best practices/lessons learned to share?


We have some user groups wanting to be able to use the diagram compare feature, which I think is a good use case for repository snapshots (as they are a requirement for that feature). We're still unsure about how frequently we should create the snapshots, what the impact is (if any) to data growth in the DB, and how user-friendly these features are.




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We regularly use the snapshot feature (and time machine in the web client of HOPEX V2). We configure the snapshot to run every day, so that users can go back in time on day per day basis.

In the web client we dont have the graphical comparison on diagram (but you can use the time machine) to see how your repository looked at a specific date. This even works if users delete a process or object.