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Event Driven Architecture

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Event Driven Architecture

Hi, I am wondering what is the right way to capture Business Events in Hopex. It could be stakeholders  life events like death, accident, divorce, etc. or more discrete processes or business objects events like contract isued, contract signed, paiement received, etc.



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You can certainly capture events in a Process diagram using the Event object between activities.. Intermediate Events seem to be the most appropriate.

Thanks, I will surely have a look at it. Wondering though if business events can exist outside the context of a business process model...?

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You might find this academic paper of interest

A Case Study on Modeling of Complex Event Processing in Enterprise Architecture


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Depending on which solution you use in HOPEX, there can be different approaches. In HOPEX Information Architecture you can model your Concepts (Business dictionary) including events and lifecycles.

In the HOPEX Business Process Analysis you can, as mentioned, use Events, or add states to Content added to Message Flows or Data Objects.