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Customize HOPEX 360

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Customize HOPEX 360


Can someone give an idea how we can add a new page to the HOPEX 360 ?

And how to create Variable = CodeTemplate ?



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MEGA Partner


Pages in the HOPEX360 is generated using a Descriptor. In order to add or change existing ones, you need to be in the Windows client of HOPEX. You would first need to create the descriptor, and then the web site, or the web site template, you add the new descriptor.

Code templates (class is called: _code templates) can be created also in the windows client; look for the folder Code Templates in the Utilities navigation window.When you have added the Code Template and added the text you want to use in the descriptor, copy the HexID from the code template and use it in code of the new descriptor (as shown in your image above).

Tip: in the top of the descriptor window, there is a search window wher eyou can paste the hexid from a code template, and open the code template directly from the descriptor window.

ok thanks,

Now I try to read some documentations regarding customizing intranet.