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Creating Process Inventories for Business Units

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Creating Process Inventories for Business Units



I'd like to be able to generate a Process Inventory view for Org Units.


For example, if I have five processes which Department X participates in, I would like to create a view of those 5 processes within the Business unit.


It would be really useful if the inventory included items underneath the Department, for example I have teams within a department which also perform processes.


I've done a little sketch which is attached.  Is there a diagram with Mega which is best suited to this? Or a report which would then be updatable?

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MEGA Partner

This is a faitly simple query, where you would first query the Department Org-Unit deeply in order to get all the Org-Units in the structure, and then you would simply find all the Organizational Processes linked to the Org-Unit.

The querybelow will find all org-units in the department structure and find the Org. Processes linked directly to any of the Org-Units.


Select [Org-Unit] Into @org Where [Name]=&"Root" Or [Aggregation of] Deeply &"Root"
Select [Organizational Process] Where [Org-Unit] in @org 


If the org-Units are part of participants the query will be slightly more complicated.