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Business Process

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Business Process


One of my Hopex users wonders about the implementation of the BPMN notation in the tool: can we insert a task in a business process?

As far as I can see, the implementation of BPMN in Hopex is broken down into four types of processes: business, organizational, functional and application.

We can insert a task (or an operation) in an application process (or an organizational process). However, is there any documentation explaining the BPMN implementation philosophy in Hopex and the use of process natures?


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No you can not insert a Task in a Business Process, this is reserved for the Value Stream (former Functional process), Organizational and System Processes.

The business processes typical serve an object to create the upper structure, until you reach the "actual" processes.

If you have not had the BPA training, I would highly recommend it, since the use of the different process objects are explaned here.