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Building a business case for EA


Building a business case for EA

Pic_Content_Workbook_6_steps_for_EA.jpgGlobal and digital trends as well as increasingly complex and competitive business environments have created challenging conditions for private and public sector organisations to navigate. These can range from relatively sudden market shifts, unexpected competition, increased organisational complexity and constantly evolving customer demands.  


Staying ahead of competition or delivering public services in an effective manner can therefore be increasingly challenging. 


To help with this, the team at MEGA are currently working on a series of short videos to explain and walk you through how to construct a compelling business case for senior management for an EA tool. We're just finishing working on the videos, but in the meantime here's an overview of the approach we'll take.


How can Enterprise Architecture help? 


As an EA, the key question is “how can you help executives accelerate transformation initiatives” with the goal of making your organisation smarter and more innovative.  


Given that every business or transformative programme is now an IT initiative, the role of the EA has become even more central to the overall success, or otherwise, of the whole organisation. But with competing priorities and finite budgets, how can EAs persuade the business that an investment in the best tools to do their job will help in overcoming the pain points of today and driving the projects of tomorrow? 


The business case 


When significant, organisational-level changes are being carried out, a robust Enterprise Architecture platform can be a difference maker between success or failure. So the choice of an EA platform can be a vital one for the ongoing fortunes of an organisation.  


In a series of short videos, we will be outlining how EAs can make a compelling case to senior management to invest in the practice and the right tool for the job. The videos will be structured into the following chapters: 


  1. Understanding the organisational goals 
  2. Define current position 
  3. Identify the right decision makers and stakeholders 
  4. Create value statements 
  5. Show the value of EA in driving transformation across the business 
  6. Demonstrate the outcomes of EA and the ways to measure it 

Find out more


Check back shortly for our brand new videos, and in the meantime you can consult our 6 step workbook for building a business case for enterprise architecture. 

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