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website template area map set title


website template area map set title



Any idea how i can set the title attribute of an area map generated for a diagram object ?

Now it is by default "-", but i would like it to have the name of the linked object


ex : 

<area title="-" href="fc2a058056a61e20.htm" shape="rect" coords="3007, 380, 3253, 453" target="_top">

should be

<area title="Name of the object" href="fc2a058056a61e20.htm" shape="rect" coords="3007, 380, 3253, 453" target="_top">


Thanks or your reply


Kind regards,

Wim VdV


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Re: website template area map set title

Hi veldew,

I believe you are using the [DRAW] tag to create your diagram and the associated maps in your descriptors.

In my experience, you can't really easily change what's automatically written with this tag, but as a workaround you can modify the text after it was created.
You can do it either directly with the descriptor's functions, or using javascript. But in the first case I couldn't succeed to make it change to a variable (for instance the diagram name), only a hard string.

Using descriptor's functions:
The entire diagram ans it's map is created using the tag [DRAW]. If you know what is written (and you know it), you can surround the tag with the tag [Stringfunction]:

[Stringfunction=SearchReplaceRegularExpression RegularExpression='title="-"' String='title="myname"']
  [Draw link=InOut Target="_self"/]

Use simple quote for the tag's parameters (RegularExpression and String) so that you can use double quote for your html tag. The result is :


Screen Shot 02-01-16 at 10.56 AM.PNG

But as said earlier I could not find a solution for "myname" to be a variable (using [Buffer] tag did not work). You can use this solution if your title can always be a hard string.

Using Javascript;
When using javascript, the page is generated with the title="-" thing, but after that you can dynamically change it to what you want (ie your diagram name).
You do that by adding a bit of JS in the descriptor juste below the [DRAW] tag:

[Draw link=InOut Target="_self"/]
<script type="text/javascript">
    var maplist = document.getElementsByName("[CP="_HexaIdAbs"/]"); \c The map containing the areas has the property name set to the diagram _hexaIdAbs
    for (var i = 0; i < maplist.length; ++i) \c With this loop you can draw more than once the diagram on this page and it will be still treated
        var map = maplist\[i\]; \c there are backslashes because you're in a descriptor and then if you don't escape them the descriptor will think it's a tag. When rendered in html it becomes [i]
        if (map.tagName == "MAP")    { \c  in case other tags were named after the diagram's _hexaIdAbs
            map.innerHTML = map.innerHTML.replace(/title=\\"-\\"/g, "title=\"[CP="Short name"/]\""); \c We use a regularExpression to get the original title="-", mixed with some descriptor escapes. Thus the double backslashes. When rendered in html it becomes map.innerHTML.replace(/title=\"-\"/g, "title=\"myname\""); with myname being the diagram's short name.

The bad thing is as it's changed dynamically after the page rendering, when you look to the source you can't see the changes.


Screen Shot 02-01-16 at 10.53 AM.PNG

You can still verify it worked by using the explorer's debugger (F12 in IE or Firefox and expand the nodes in the explorer tabs)


Screen Shot 02-01-16 at 11.57 AM.PNG


Screen Shot 02-01-16 at 11.31 AM.PNG




Re: website template area map set title

Hi Victor,


Many thanks for your clear answer and all the effort you made !

I think i will go for the first solution with the hardcoded string and put something like "Click here for more detail.." 


Kind regards,

Wim VdV