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timestramp function in the mega descriptor

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timestramp function in the mega descriptor

Hello ,


I'm trying to display the timestramp at what time the pages get generated in the webpage. Is there any Mega function to call it in the Mega descriptor ?


Thanks in advance for your reply !

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Re: timestramp function in the mega descriptor

In a static web site generator, pages are generated by HTML descriptors

In an HTML descriptor, a list of system variables (called settings) is available

A setting date is available.

When dropped, t tag [Variable=Date/] is created

Example of display  : Date of generation: January 6, 2016

It is not possible to tune formatting




Note that the date/time is in fact the same

As static web site  generation is run from a private workspace (ex-transaction), the vision of data is the date/time of opening of the workspace. It is the same date/time for all objects


You can also consider to

  1. Display property 'Modification date' of the object considered: tag [Property="Modification Date"/]
  2. Display current date using javascript code
  3. Display current data using VB script (call a VB script macro)
    see KB