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take complete logical backup

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take complete logical backup

What parmeters to pass in the logicalSave() method so that I can take complete back up , instead of extension which is by default.



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Re: take complete logical backup

Hello Rakeshkonjengba 


The scope depends on the type of repository and of the pupose of the backup


To transfert customizations of a system database (systemdb), it is recommended to backup extensions only (metamodel layer and technical level layer, no data)

Example (VB script)

MySystemDb.LogicalSave "C:\temp\test_logicalbackup.mgr","Meta=On,Technical=On,Data=Off"


To transfer data of a data repository, it is recommended to backup all data (no, metamodel layer, no technical level layer, data full)

Example (VB script)

MyDb.LogicalSave "C:\temp\test_logicalbackup.mgr","Meta=Off,Technical=Off,Data=Full"


More details on API function in the API documentation in javadoc format. See this KB


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