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query optimization


query optimization

Is there someguide lines or article onquery optimization in Mega? Because sometimes there are pages which we currently implement with nesting which take about 50 min. to generate

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Re: query optimization


I think leslie robinet wrote a blog article on optimization of scripts and query's.


I only found the above one, but I’m sure there is another post also on the query’s in scripts and using megafields.


Re: query optimization

Hello ki6i


I encourage you to read the documentation regarding queries in the manual MEGA Publisher (MEGA 2009 SP5)

This information is valid for higher versions.


You will find useful details

  • Query examples
  • Processing or NOT operator
  • Operator INTO and KEEP

See also


Note that with the operator KEEP, you can keep a query set for the session and test it.



Run a first query to build a query set @AI and keep it in memory


Select [Application] Into @AI Where [Comment] Like "#incident#"
Keep @AI 

Then you can test this set without building this set again

Select [Application] From @AI Where [Application Type]="M"