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pywin32 - GetCollection vs. GetSelection

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pywin32 - GetCollection vs. GetSelection

consider this trivial python script which retrievs the number of "Anwendungen" (applications) from MEGA:


import win32com.client.dynamic as w32


def main():
    env = w32.Dispatch("MegaRepository.CurrentEnv")
    root = env.GetRoot()
    col = root.GetCollection("Anwendung")

    # works fine
    print("GetCollection: # Anwendungen = %s" % col.Count)


    col = root.GetSelection("Select [Anwendung]")
    # fails, because Count isn't a known attribute
    print("GetSelection: # Anwendungen = %s" % col.Count)


if __name__ == '__main__':


Isn't GetSelection supposed to return a MegaCollection with an attribute Count, too?


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Re: pywin32 - GetCollection vs. GetSelection

Indeed, GetSelection returns a MegaCollection on which you can use the count.


In vbscript this works fine, I don't know phyton so I can not tell if it is something in the code

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Re: pywin32 - GetCollection vs. GetSelection

Yes, this works fine in VBScript (in my case from within Excel). 


My findings after playing around with pywin32: pywin32 isn't compatible with the way MEGA provides COM objects. Don't know why exactly, but pywin32 can't deal with them. That's a pity because I'd like to use Python for my day to day quick and dirty scripts.



Re: pywin32 - GetCollection vs. GetSelection

Hello gubaer


For your information, MEGA Support is not aware of another customer using Pyhton

For quick administration scripts, most developpers use VB script