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launch a descriptor (HTML, REF) by script?

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launch a descriptor (HTML, REF) by script?

Hi everybody,

we use descriptors control,

by right-clicking application -> control -> control description -> selection of a control. (cf. PJ)


generation control is going perfectly.


However, we would like to automate this kind of control, by launching the script.

Can you tell me if this is possible? can launch a descriptor (HTML, RTF, ...) by script?

Thx in advance for your response!

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Re: launch a descriptor (HTML, REF) by script?

Hello Liogan


There is an _operator 'ExecuteDescriptor' that extends the API functions and enables to run a descriptor

It has been designed for RTF descriptors. I cannot garantee it works in all cases.


Example (VB script):

' get descriptor

Set oDesc = GetObjectFromID("~pIzdHCQX0PS0[Comment/Drawing of a diagram]")
' get described object

Set oObj = GetObjectFromID("~Ynif47yx8jH6[Technology Standard Repository - Data Diagram] ")
' run descriptor

oDesc.ExecuteDescriptor oObj,"C:\_StandardData\725_cp07_Demonstration\db\Adventure\USER\MIS\mega.rtf"