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how to prevent duplicate external references


how to prevent duplicate external references



External references are frequently created in duplicate.

Mega only checks if the name already exists when creating one, would it be possible to do a check if the url already exists when creating a new ext ref, and ifso, how should it be implemented ?



Wim VdV


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Re: how to prevent duplicate external references

Hi Wim,


For this kind of a thing, if I were you I will use the Repository Consistency functionality and a dedicated MetaTest that is attached to the MetaClass External Reference. The MetaTest would be attached to a macro that is comparing the current path with all the pathes of other external references with a boolean status according to the result. It can be a quite long process for thousands of objects indeed...    


Another solution is to change the metamodel and the type of the metaAttribute on the metaclass External references :

Set the _AtIndex =Unique on Access Path ... 



Lionel Mazurié