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difference between products

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difference between products

hello community,

i want to know in HOPEX V 1R3 , the productMEGA  Risk Mapper on Hopex is the same PRODUCT MEGA Enterprise Risk Management Lite ,



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Re: difference between products



In HOPEX V1R3, there is a solution HOPEX Risk Mapper (code ERML)

See list of product manuals HOPEX V1R3


I think that the expression Enterprise Risk Management Lite is an alias for HOPEX Risk Mapper and the final official name is HOPEX Risk Mapper 
If you have a doubt, ask to the author of the document where you find this expression Enterprise Risk Management Lite

If you have a running installation with a license quoting 'Enterprise Risk Management Lite' check if the code is ERML. If the code is ERML, consider it is HOPEX Risk Mapper