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custom diagram - dashboard

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custom diagram - dashboard

How to create a custom diagram made of symbols using several existing diagrams? Supporting organization that uses DoDAF 2 template, I could not find a suitable diagram to express AV-1 and AV-2 requirements. From available Mega diagrams I selected "Overview of Business Processes." It accomodated those diagrams and "Interaction Definition Diagram" that is used as SvcV-2 diagram. Mega generates interfaces (links) automatically to associate entities based on unique names of used entities. SV-1 diagram compatible with the above could address significant analythical trends and relationships. Does Mega have a diagram that would lend itself to become a dashboard?

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Re: custom diagram - dashboard

Hello jcjasik


This is not crystal clear to me.

If I understand you need to hijack a DiagramType to propose a dashboad updated automatically

I cannot see a existing DiagramType particularily appropriate for this.


I suppose the better is to create a specific DiagramType dedicated for that purpose.