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copy a diagram

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copy a diagram



I want to copy diagrams using a script. The intension is also to modify some things, but first step is to completely copy them.

I managed to create a new diagram, put all objects from the source diagram on the new one, same place and automatically the lines are there also.

However, the lines are all straight forward and i need them to reposition on the exact same way as the original diagram.

This means line type(orthogonal) and waypoints on the line.


Is there a way to loop through the lines in the original (can do that) and from this, get the copy of that line in the new diagram to change properties there (i'm lost here)


Any help is appreciated !



Wim VdV

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Re: copy a diagram

Hi Wim,


You can retrieve a collection containing the points by calling  "ItemProperty("DrwLine_Points")" on the drawingItem that represents your link.

For example:

Set points = mydrawingitem.ItemProperty("DrwLine_Points")
points.InsertPointBefore points.count -1, xcoordinate, ycoordinate
mydrawingitem.ItemProperty("DrwLine_Points") = points





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Re: copy a diagram



My issue is not how to retrieve the points of the line, its more on retrieving the line itself.

for example :


I have a diagram A, created a copy of it A'


on diagram A :

for each line 

  get points

  get corresponding line on diagram A'      <-- this is my problem

  Set points on line in A'