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abstract class issue


abstract class issue



I would like to make a menu item(metacommand) available on several metaclasses.

Therefore i thought of making an abstract class, add the metacommand to it, and connect this abstract class to the objecttypes.

This works perfect with metaattributes, however not with metacommands.


Anyone has an idea what might be wrong ?


kind regards,


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Re: abstract class issue

Hello Wwdv (tell me how you pronouce this... ;-)


If you add a metaCommand on an abstract metaClass, you need to set the "Inheritability" attribute on the link between your metaclass and your metaCommand to "1" :








Re: abstract class issue

Hi Lionel,


Thanks, now it shows the command items !


Brings me to a second and related question :

What about metapictures ?

I want to include a metapicture with a condition (if a keyword is connected then display this picture) with the highest priority, so it has to overrule the standard metapictures from the other metaclasses.

Doing the conditional metapicture i know, but it doesn't work with an abstract class...


any idea about this ?


thanks !


Kind regards,

Wim Van de Velde


Re: abstract class issue

Hi Wim :-)


can you show me what you've done and that does not work for your metapicture ?



Frequent Contributor

Re: abstract class issue

Hi Linoel,

Please find the pictures.


Colruyt Team

Re: abstract class issue



I tried to post the pictures, but was unable to do (that's another issue)   :-)

So, my colleague did...


So, i created a abstract class, with 1 metapicture that shows a red cross icon if there is a keyword "tag for deletion"

if i connect the metapicture to the metaclass, it works fine

however, when using the abstract class instead, nothing happens.

i put the other metapictures for the metaclass on order 10-20-30, and the one in abstract class on 1 


but nothing happens....


kind regards,



Re: abstract class issue

I thought you were talking about the image you can display in front of your menu ;-)

Well, in your case, I'm not sure if it is possible to define a metapicture on an abstract metaclass :-(

If anyone can confirm...