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XMI import


XMI import

For a client, I would like to get a statement rg. the future availability of BPMN XMI and UML XMI import

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Re: XMI import

Hello Peter,


I have the same request from a number of our customers as well. I have also created a new ECR last week regarding the ability to import XMI for UML.


I know that with the BPMN version 2 OMG defined a xml schema for import/export of BPMN content between different modeling tools, I would like to see MEGA support this part of the standard in the near future.




Re: XMI import



XMI import tool is not part of the strategic products for which we are trying to focus the maximum of our resources and our priorities.

However, if the issue is very important and urgent, the Mega LAB can supervise the implementation which can be done by a partner as Sodius. There is a cost to this service.

Also, this implementation can be done by MEGA Product Services, but we can’t support it at MEGA Support or at the level of the rise of version tests.

For created ECR of this subject I will try to respond as soon as all arbitrations will be gathered.