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Wizard for table and index creation


Wizard for table and index creation

Hey all,


I'd like to be able to have wizard at creation of Table and Index to be able to choose the name and make somme work after the object ios created.


I created one wizard on table but it's not showing. Mega creates automatically the object.


I also tried with toolcreator but same result.


Thanks for your help






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Re: Wizard for table and index creation

After check with MEGA R&D, there are MetaClass where creation is hard-coded and cannot be controlled by a custom creation Metawizard


List for HOPEX V1R2-V1R3 (it may not be exhasutive)

Action, Association, AssociationEnd, Class, Column, Database, Diagram, Index, Key, Logical View, Message, Note, System , Diagram, Table, UML Component, Web site.

Index and table are part of the list -> it is not possible to call a custom creation wizard.


This will be possible in the next major version (HOPEX V2) for Column, Database, Index, Key, Logical View, Table.