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Where is University?


Where is University?



This may be in the wrong Forum, please move it to the right one.


How do I submit requests to "University"? I dont see any link that is called "University".


I would like to submit a request to the University to provide examples for a HTML Formatter (I know that it is used to generate Web sites). Currently this topic severely lacks documentation


I would also like to submit a request to the university to help understand Mega Java API - they are all based on JNI, it is very difficult to explore even under an Eclipse debug. I find the javadoc lacking proper introduction. And trust me, I have extreme Java expertise and find it difficult to start.


Suggestion to Admin: Why dont you add a sticky thread under Welcome for questions like this?



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Re: Where is University?

This Technical Product forum is the right place to ask your questions on HTML Formatter and MEGA JAVA API. The MEGA Knowledge Base also has many posts on these subjects.


In addition, you may want to read the technical article on Creating MEGA plug-ins with Java which is available for download on our website. Finally, Eclipse also provides a wealth of information in their online documentation.


Re: Where is University?

I have asked enough number of times in different posts for a sample on HTML Formatters. Most of the responses pointed me to Report Chapters in Java - which is documented well enough. With regards to HTML formatters, it severely lacks documentation.


All I have is an auto-generated class with a Generate method - but I dont know what to do with the Objects - they are all JNI objects. This leads to asking for an introduction on Mega JAVA Api.


I am also not looking for Eclipse information or how to setup debug from mega - I am familiar with all that - I have problems with getting started on HTML formatters as I have no clue as to whatthese objects are.


Regarding Java API - it would be nice if someone creates an Introductory tutorial - like Sun has created on JDBC when it introduced the API.


Anyway, could someone point out where to submit requests to University(to document more on a subject) as it was suggested?



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Re: Where is University?

what kind of information you need on html formatters?