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What is the extent of duplicating an object ?


What is the extent of duplicating an object ?

Hello everybody,


If I duplicate an object within MEGA's metamodel, does it duplicate also its descendants ?

I need to create a new metamodel with new metaclasses and other attached objects.
In order to display them I want to duplicate the Technical Infrastructure Diagram Type and add metaassociations to it.

Are the descendants of the diagram type (DiagramTypeParam, etc) also duplicated or are they just links to the existing ones ?
Is there an impact on the existing descendants if I modify the new ones ?

Thank you
Best regards


Re: What is the extent of duplicating an object ?



Duplication process is highly tunable so all scenarios exist.

Usually the idea is to duplicate also components.

Depending on the case they can be duplicated or reused (usually not recommended, can be wise for item such as org-units). 


Re: What is the extent of duplicating an object ?

Thank you Jerome for your answer,


In the attached screencap you can see I duplicated the "Technical Infrastructure Diagram" to "DSI_Diagramme_Infrastructure".





The issues are that :

1 - The copy/paste action just copies the link to an object and not the object itself.

2 - All the descendants created in the duplication process are just links to the existing ones. 

I've seen this when I renamed one of the descendands (the Technical Infrastructure Diagram ParamType).
It also renames the original one in the original DiagramType.


3 - There is no "duplicate" function for its descendants. That means that I have to manually create them...
Is there an "automatic way of doing it", so I can just edit the ones I actually need ?
How can I "Tune" the duplicate function ?


Thank you again
Best regards