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Website Generation Question on Diagram Hierachy.

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Website Generation Question on Diagram Hierachy.

Hi Fellow MEGA Users. 


I am relatively new in using MEGA (we are using HOPEX V1R2).  Please forgive my rookie questions. 


Currently I am trying to generate a website using Documentation Tab (Publisher?)  of our organization's BPMN Documents based on our Business Models.  Naturally, they would have a certain hierachy according to their structure.  


I have finished creating all the BPMN Process Diagrams (All 200+) of them and they are ordered in accordance to their hierachy.  I was successful in creating their website abd all the parent and child diagrams.  However, all the links on the parents doesn't direct me to their child diagram (in other words, i can't drill down) .  It just does not do anthing (I've checked in the view-source and it seems like the .htm reference is missing (perhaps concatentated?) in the AREA HTML tags) 


Any clues on how to get the links back? 

Thanks for any guidance or suggestions. I can post some img shots of our Objects and Pages tabs if that's helpful. 

thanks again.


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Re: Website Generation Question on Diagram Hierachy.

Generaly by your description I would suggest to use the actual process objects and add the diagrams on them.

Once you do that the objects on the diagrams will be actually clickable and you will be able to drill-down.


All objects from the diagram that you want to be clickable should be actually included in the scope of the website generation.




Re: Website Generation Question on Diagram Hierachy.

Hello TCheung


It is likely that the child diagrams are not in the scope of the web site

See this KB

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Re: Website Generation Question on Diagram Hierachy.

Thanks for your reply and KB.


Funny thing is all the html child diagrams are produced in the webpage folder validated by sitedef.   It's just that the links in the parent diagram view source doesn't correspond.  


I am using the Business Process Diagram.  it seems like we can have Business Process as a parent and another Business Process as it's child.  (Just like how Business Process Classic works).  


My other option is to recreate another diagram and use the following Parent-Child hierachy:  Business Process (Blue Box)/Functiona Process (Orange Box) / Organizational Process (Red Box)/ System Process (Green Box),


Thanks for any other suggestions. 


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Re: Website Generation Question on Diagram Hierachy.

Thanks all.  i think I've figured it out.  


I was buidling a website using the Usual Query way.  What i did was even though you need to have all your pages and objects represented in the Website UI, you also need to have a Usual query in the Objects tab that ties in all the objects represented. 


Not sure if that was the solution but after setting this query up and declaring it in the Objects tab, all the child diagrams linked up in the parent diagram.


thanks everyone for your help.