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Web site generation and database updates

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Web site generation and database updates

Dear all,


In my team of MEGA administrators, we would like to know if a web site generation makes updates in the MEGA database.


Our MEGA : MEGA HOPEX V1R3 (750) (750 - 4247)

Storage : RDBMS with SQL Server 2012


We program our web site generations Saturdays and Sundays. And we have to pay attention not to disturb the SQL Server Maintenance Plan.

If the web site generations updates the database, we have to schedule some of the SQL Server Maintenance Plan operations after the generations.

So, do you know if web sites generations in MEGA makes updates in the database?


Thank you very much in advance.

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Re: Web site generation and database updates

Dear all,


During a conference call on another subject two weeks ago with Jérôme Horber, I asked the question.

He answered a web site generation doesn't makes updates in the database.


To complete: the scheduler of MEGA can be used to launch web site generations. And the scheduler can do some updates in the database.


Best regards,