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Web front-end unexpected behaviour

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Web front-end unexpected behaviour

Posta -

I added in a metapropertypage 2 items of type TaggedValue:
begindate1= Item(~TZkze(VzOnwN[BeginDate]),From(mapAmbito1),In(GroupAmbito),Control(DatePicker),Name("Data inizio1")
enddate1= Item(~HWkzp(VzOLzN[EndDate]),From(mapAmbito1),In(GroupAmbito),Control(DatePicker),Name("Data fine1")
On the web, when I select the second date, the first one is empty. Same thing when I click in any other part of the page (the selected date disappears).
 I tried with chrome 57.0.2987.133 (64-bit)
and IE 11

HOPEX V1R3 (750)
Thanks in advance for your help!