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Web Front-End Installation

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Web Front-End Installation


i ask if it is possible to install hopex web frond-end in a pc with windows7 system, i want to say in pc not in a server , because when i try i find error with ssp.



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Re: Web Front-End Installation

Hello Yassine


HOPEX Web Front-End is fully qualified on server operating system.

As a consequence the documentation (requirement and installation) and support are provided for server operating system only.


For a local test machine (not a production server), it is possible to run HOPEX Web Front-End on Windows 7 (workstation operating server).


In particular you need to check IIS settings (Windows Features turned on/off)


Internet Information Services > World Wide Web Services > Application Development Features

  • Check 'ASP.NET'
  • Check 'CGI'

Internet Information Services > World Wide Web Services > Common HTTP Features

  • Check 'Static Content'


Internet Information Services > Web Management Tools

  • Check 'IIS Management Console'
  • Check 'IIS Management Service