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Way to search for Attributes used in Mega reports


Way to search for Attributes used in Mega reports



Is there a way to find out if a certain attribute (like Application Type on Application Meta class) is used in any of the mega Report Templates (non-custom)?


is there a way to determine the relation-ships referred by each of the mega (non-custom) report templates?


My understanding is that report templates depend upon relation ships rather than the individual attributes (like Application type). Is that generally true?




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Re: Way to search for Attributes used in Mega reports

Behind each analysis report chapter is a macro. Fields used in a macro to refer to concepts, links and properties allow for impact analysis.

The link ends in question are called "Refercing Generic Object System" and "Referenced Generic Object System".


You can construct a query to help identify where the MetaConcept is used.


Select [Report Chapter] where [Macro].[Referenced Generic Object System]:[MetaClass].Name = "Application"


Select [Report Chapter] where [Macro].[Referenced Generic Object System]:[MetaAttribute].Name = "Application Code"


Select [Report Chapter] where [Macro].[Referenced Generic Object System]:[MetaAssociationEnd].Name = "Consulted-Database"


Unfortunately not all usage of MetaConcepts is with fields. If the name of a MetaConcept is written as simple text in a macro, this impact analysis will not be possble.


A way to know what reports use a certain MetaClass as a parameter is the following query :

Select [Report Template] where [Report Template Parameter].[Report Parameter Type].Name = "Application"

A Report Parameter Type is a MetaClass.


Lastly, when navigating in the Report Templates folder of the Utilities tab, the parent folders where standard Report Templates are classified help to identify the domain treated.


Report Templates may have multiple input parameters but once in the report generator (data treated with a macro) you can and do manipulate objects, links, and properties. I don't understand what you mean exactly by "report templates depend upon relationships rather than the individual attributes".


Re: Way to search for Attributes used in Mega reports

Unfortunately, I have tried with some of the attributes, but the queries didnt result in any results.


I also tried the following:


Select [Report Chapter] where [Macro].[Referenced Generic Object System]:[MetaAssociationEnd].Name = "Referenced Resource Architecture"


Exchanged Content Matrix does use this relationship as can be seen from the VB Script. Howeever, this returns no results.


May be there is a different way to search for usage of links (relationship) and attributes? All I am looking for is to know what Reports Chapters depend upon what relation-ships to be set-up so that Reports can traverse.


Also, if the VB Script refers to the links and attributes, how does Report Chapter know about them? Is there some kind of post-processing that is performed?




Re: Way to search for Attributes used in Mega reports

Any formattable text inside Mega MetaClasses (like comment, _parametrization, VB Script, etc.) will be parsed during saves. All absolute identifier (in form ~000000000000[xxx], the one you get with Copy/Paste ot Drag'n'Drop) will be put as Referenced Object (or Referenced Object System, in case of elements residing in the SystemDb.)

If you search by id, just use Referencing Object System (the name is not useful), if in the code there are no IDs, you have another chanche by searching them by name (but then you have to check if the object is here for real):

SELECT [Report Chapter[ WHERE [Macro].[VB Script] LIKE "#AttributeName#"


If your code is inside a Java implemented macro, then you have to look inside JARs to see if a String or String subpart is your ID or Name.


Claudio Pucci