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Very Slow Script Editor and Debugger

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Very Slow Script Editor and Debugger

Version 2009 SP5, Windows 8.1, standalone rich client on local host


I am experiencing a very slow performance of both the Macro Script Editor and Debugger on a scipt of perhaps 1500 lines in all (split into many functions). I can generally complete two or three edit activities before the Editor freezes, sometimes for many minutes, seemingly completing activities in the background before returning control.


Similarly, when I debug, the debugger freezes at random points in the code for al ong period before returning control to the debugger.


Does anyone have any suggestions on how to improve this behaviour?


Thanks in advance.

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Re: Very Slow Script Editor and Debugger

I am also with Windows 8.1. and I have the same issue not only with the Script editor but also when I am editing HTML Descriptors. I have enabled the Windows 7 compatibility but it doesn't help much.