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Using MetaAssociationEnd in RTF

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Using MetaAssociationEnd in RTF

Hello All,

 In one of my requirement, in RTF descriptor I have created Group. And in propreties I have selected Descibed Object.
 Now I have select MetaAssociationEnd of my Descibed Object , but I can only see Super MetaClass MetaAssociationEnd.

 How can Retrive or Use Descibed Object's MetaAssociationEnd?
I have attached Screen short also
Thanks in Advance,

Colruyt Team
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Re: Using MetaAssociationEnd in RTF

The metaAssociationEnds displayed when creating a group for the described object are the ones between the parent group in the descriptor and the new group.


Once you add the group for your use case, you will be able to use the metaclass metaassociationends either via the object neighborhood or by adding another group under the use case group.






Re: Using MetaAssociationEnd in RTF