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Using External Material (images) inside of Reports

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Using External Material (images) inside of Reports

I am trying to create a Report inside of MEGA that uses and External Reference link to grab suck the image into that report.


Example:   We are create process diagrams, we want to create external links on those diagrams, thos external links will be .JPG's or .GIF's is there a way that when we create a report on the Process Diagram that we can get the JPG's & GIF's to appear?



Anyone tried this before?


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Re: Using External Material (images) inside of Reports



I havent't done it with images, but with Word or txt documents. There is a macro "External Reference Content" that you can call in order to import the content of an External Reference into a document report.



Re: Using External Material (images) inside of Reports

Hello dbliven


If I understand

  • You are developping a report template
  • You have create external reference objects targeting image files
  • You want to insert such files in generated reports

When developping a java report template

  • There is no function/service that enables to automatically insert an image file attached to an external reference.
  • There are services called 'renderers' that enable to include the image of a diagram
          See: article 'Writing Java Report Chapters EN.pdf'