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User unable to trigger transition

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User unable to trigger transition



I have created a new HOPEX user (XYZ) and when I run the workflow instance i.e. trying to change an incident status from “Draft” to “Validated” using "Risk Manager" profile, it shows an error (Screenshot attached) "The current user is not a participant" and "User unable to trigger transition".


However, if the same transition is run by the HOPEX user who is currently resposible for this task then it works fine--- any idea what could be missing on new user?


Thanks in advance.


Re: User unable to trigger transition



I think the problem is that you have created a user after that the worklfow engine had alreay calculated the workflow partecipant.


Try to create a new incident to see if your user XYZ is allowed to execute the transition between Draft and Validated.



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Re: User unable to trigger transition

Thanks sbruno - this was the case Smiley Happy