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User extraction - Problem with environment loop

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User extraction - Problem with environment loop



I am in charge of MEGA support and I would like to extract automatically in csv file all users from all environments with a VBScript.


We have developed a VBscript for that. Everything is OK if we extract the user from one Environment.

But when we try to extract the users from all environments, only the users of first environment in the loop are extracted and that only for HOPEX version; when I use the script on MEGA 2009 everything works correctly...


Here under, you could find the function that I use to extract the user. It seems that the script does not enter the loop:

"For Each oTransaction in oEnvironment.Transactions" from the second environment.



Public Sub AllUsersExtraction(outputFile, sAdministrator, sAdminPwd)
  On Error Resume Next

  Dim oMegaApp, oEnvironment, oTransaction, oRoot, oUser, oLogin
  Dim sEnvPath, sDatabase
  Dim cUsers, cLogins
  Dim bGenerationSucceeded

  WriteLineInLogFile "Preparing generation of all user extract", "4-info"
  bGenerationSucceeded = False
  Set oMegaApp = Nothing
  Set oMegaApp = CreateObject("Mega.Application")
  If CheckError("MEGA application instance creation") Then
    	For Each oEnvironment in oMegaApp.Environments
		WriteLineInLogFile "Start of user extraction of " & oEnvironment.path, "4-info"
		outputFile.writeline oEnvironment.path
		If oEnvironment Is Nothing Then
			WriteLineInLogFile "Cannot find environment specified", "1-fatal"
			oEnvironment.CurrentAdministrator = sAdministrator
			oEnvironment.CurrentPassword = sAdminPwd
For Each oTransaction in oEnvironment.Transactions If CheckError("MEGA transaction creation") Then Set oRoot = oTransaction.Database.Open If CheckError("MEGA session open") Then Set cUsers = oRoot.GetCollection("Person (System)") for each oUser in cUsers 'boucle sur les utilisateurs set cLogins = oUser.getCollection("~A20000008880[Login]") 'chercher les informations de la classe login correspondant à l'utilisateur set oLogin = clogins.Item(1) 'prendre le premier login trouvé (de toute façon normalement il n'y en a qu'un) outputFile.write oLogin.getProp("Windows_login") & ";;" & oUser.GetProp("E-mail") & ";;;;" & oEnvironment.path 'écrire les infos du user outputFile.writeline "" next Set cUsers = Nothing bGenerationSucceeded = CheckError("MEGA users extraction") End If Set oRoot = Nothing End If Set oTransaction = Nothing Next WriteLineInLogFile "End of user extraction of " & oEnvironment.path, "4-info" End If Set oEnvironment = Nothing Next End If
Set oMegaApp = Nothing If bGenerationSucceeded Then WriteLineInLogFile "End of copy of extraction", "4-info" End If End Sub


Could you please help me on this problem?


In addition, I have another question:

Is it possible to extract the users using a MEGA request: Select [Person (System] Where [Name] not like "something#"?

When we use the script directly in MEGA we use the function:

Set cUsers = GetCollection(Select [Person (System] Where [Name] not like "something#"

But with a Vbscipt we use, the function

Set cUsers = oRoot.GetCollection("Person (System)")

So to filter the users, we must add some conditions in the script after the extraction.


Thank you in advance,


Best regards,




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Re: User extraction - Problem with environment loop


Instead of goind through original transactions create a new one, and disregard at the end before moving on to another environment.


I would suggest just use "oRoot.getSelection("Select [Person (System)] where Name like 'something#' ")"