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User Options

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User Options



Is there a way to see the current Options for a user or profile? Also, is there a way to see when an Option was last modified?



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Re: User Options

just search the user or profile => right click => options.

as far as I'm aware you can not see the last modification date of those, the only option I can think of is scanning the mgl files on the server but not sure if that will deliver the necessary data.

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Re: User Options

Hi Stijn,


thanks for the quick reply - I probably should have specified viewing the options of users/profiles in some type of report so we can analyze, compare, etc.


Oddly there seems to be no trace of changes to the options in the user/profile history or change logs: it would be nice to have some audit trail especially since some options could have a big impact, ex.: authorize/prohibit deletion of objects dispatched from private workspace.